Lot 56      
MOCA 20th Anniversary Photography Portfolio (the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles), 1999

Cindy Bernard, Keith Boadwee, Donigan Cumming, Renee Green, Lyle Ashton Harris, Susan Jennings, Martin Kersels, Gail Le Boff, Shirin Neshat, Bruce and Norman Yonemoto

Portfolio of 10 chromogenic prints selected by Cindy Sherman, printed in 1999
edition 8/250; unframed, in original condition, in custom designed plexiglass box
print size 9 x 13.25 in. to 15.5 x 19.25 in; 22.8 x 33.7 cm to 39.4 x 48.9 cm

Courtesy of Border Crossings, Winnipeg.

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